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US Rhinestone Case Histories

Rhinestone Logo Apparel
... it's not just for "Baseball Moms" anymore!
Have you ever seen someone wearing a bling t-shirt and tried to imagine how your business logo might look re-created in bright, brilliant, sparkling crystals?  The light shining off each stone as your employees or customers wear them around town, at a trade show, in the office or yes...even at a ball game! 
With bling, everyone who wears your logo apparel moves around town not only as a walking billboard, but as a sparkling brand ambassador for your company!
While rhinestone logo apparel may not be for everyone, bling is definitely being used in many more creative ways than the typical rhinestone sports mom shirts these days! Yes, spirit wear is still the undisputed heavyweight when it comes to rhinestone apparel. However, many businesses such as salons, spas, restaurants, real estate companies, resorts and even small businesses are looking for a better way to stand out in their communities, tradeshows and networking events. They are incorporating rhinestone logo apparel into their promotional strategy to accomplish these goals. 
Following are a few examples that might help open your mind to the promotional possibilities of rhinestone logo apparel!

Client: National Real Estate Company

Objective: Many of the agents had been requesting more feminine logo apparel options to wear at trade shows and sales calls. When polled by the marketing department, the majority of them asked for bling!

Strategy & Execution: Working with the real estate company's marketing department, we rolled out a nice assortment of shirt and sweater styles in three color selections and two rhinestone logo styles. The shirts were offered for purchase to the existing staff at the agency's online company store and to new hires at the company's monthly new associate orientation meetings.

Results: The new line of rhinestone logo apparel made the female agents and office staff feel valued by the company and has dramatically increased the percentage of employees who wear the company's logo on a daily basis...many of the agency's clients have even requested a shirt of their own after seeing them while visiting new homes with their agent!


Client: Plastic Surgeon

Objective: To generate increased awareness of the practice through word of mouth referrals and social networking within the local college community.

Strategy & Execution: Retail-fit fashion t-shirts in the local university's primary color were decorated with a simple and elegant "Dr. B" rhinestone logo. In addition to the shirts being worn as uniforms within the practice, each patient was given a complimentary shirt in a "thank you package" after their procedure.

Each week, the social media coordinator for the practice posted various contests and incentives (such as a free teeth whitening treatment) to post a photo of themselves to Facebook wearing the Dr. B rhinestone tees around town, to class, football games, etc.

Results: The combined use of the rhinestone tees with social media and satisfied customers created the buzz around town that Dr. B was hoping for! The practice reported a 25% sales increase due to the promotion. As an additional benefit, their Facebook following continues to increase, allowing them to roll out similar promotions to larger groups with no additional investment in the targeted lead lists they were previously purchasing.


Client: Custom Concept Theme Bar & Restaurant

Objective: To outfit their waitresses with a memorable uniform that could also be sold in the restaurant gift shop, working double duty as a profit center and self-liquidating promotion.

Strategy & Execution: Working with the restaurant's marketing team, we created a custom "retail style" rhinestone design that was a perfect fit for their unique decor and concept theme, while also incorporating their logo as a classy branding element near the bottom of the design.

As part of a multi-faceted marketing campaign, the restaurant rolled out the new rhinestone shirts by first outfitting their waitresses with the memorable uniform. In addition to wearing the shirts inside the restaurant, they also wore them to numerous off-site promotional events throughout the local community to generate buzz. During the events, a limited quantity of the rhinestone tees were auctioned off for charity and given out as contest prizes.

Finally, the shirt was added as a featured item in the gift shop and priced at a premium to ensure it was perceived as more than a promotional t-shirt ... the goal was for customers to love this shirt and want incorporate it into their regular wardrobe, helping to fuel the viral effect of their overall marketing campaign.

Results: By combining the unique "retail style" apparel that mirrored the restaurant's theme with a well orchestrated networking and awareness campaign throughout the community, the restaurant was recognized by the local chamber as the "Hottest New Restaurant" in town. The average wait for a table during prime dinner hours increased from 15 minutes to 45 due to their surging popularity, giving the restaurant the opportunity to engage patrons with other games and activities -- including the gift shop -- that were prominently featured throughout the restaurant.


Check back often for more examples of the promotional possibilities of rhinestone logo apparel!