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Rhinestone Heat Transfers

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Perfect for t-shirts, caps, tote bags and more -- rhinestones are one of the hottest apparel decoration methods in the market today! And rhinestones aren't just for baseball moms anymore...business organizations of all shapes and sizes are incorporating rhinestones into their logo apparel to help them stand out in their communities, tradeshows and networking events.

Ready-to-apply heat transfers from US Rhinestone allow you to quickly and easily jump into the rhinestone marketplace. Whether you're searching for the perfect stock rhinestone transfer design or something completely custom, we offer rhinestone, rhinestud and nailhead heat transfers for any occasion!

We manufacture our transfers in-house to provide you with consistent quality, low minimums and fast delivery.  Submit your project today for a custom quote!

Standard Rhinestone Colors [back to top]

The rhinestone colors shown here can be used with most designs to create the best artwork for your project. Alternatively, you could request a custom color by name...chances are we can closely match it. Colors shown are not exact as computer monitors may display color differently.

Glass Rhinestones


Metal Rhinestuds



Heat Press Instructions [back to top]

Below are instructions for application utilizing a professional heat press. Please keep in mind that all heat presses are different. This is simply a guideline that has proven effective during our production process.

Heat Pressing Instructions for Rhinestone and Rhinestud Transfers

1) Preheat the Heat Press to 340 degrees F.

2) Set pressure to medium (4 to 6 on manual presses).

3) In order to minimize shifting of stones during transport when shipping a large quantity of small transfers, we package in sheets of 2 to 6 transfers per sheet. If your transfers fall into this category, please carefully cut the transfers apart with sharp scissors. Some find it easier to lay the transfers face down on a flat surface in a well lit area to cut.

4) Make sure all stones in the transfer are in place (there may be shifting of the stones during transport). If any of the stones have moved, simply realign them utilizing tweezers.

5) Pre-press garment for 5 seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles

6) Peel the white backing sheet off the transfer and discard.

7) Place the design, face forward (sticky side down) on the garment. Be sure to check for centering and leveling of the design. If the design is not in the proper location, gently lift it off the garment and reposition.

8) It is recommended that a protective sheet (teflon or kraft paper) be placed over the garment and transfer to protect against possible heat marks. For thin or sheer garments, it is also recommended to place a protective sheet inside the garment (under the design area) before pressing. This will help avoid the possibility of the glue from the stones adhering the front of the shirt to the back. This can happen with thin garments and will result in the front and back of the shirt being stuck (glued) together. If that happens, just pull front and back apart while the shirt is still hot.

9) Press for 16 seconds. Stones larger than 3mm or designs that utilize multiple size stones may require a few extra seconds of pressing time. You may even want to turn the garment inside out and press form the back side in order to ensure proper adhesion of larger stones.

10) When done, release the press, remove the garment and let the transfer cool down completely before slowly peeling off the film. You may want to use a heat eraser to speed up the process, though rubbing a small towel over the transfer for a few seconds works fine. If any stones don't stick, check the back of the stone to make sure it has glue, replace it and re-press. A small bag of extra stones has been provided for this purpose.

Please note: It is recommended that you pre-test dark colored garments and/or garments made with synthetic materials for color changes due to heat before applying your rhinestone transfers. If you are pressing onto garments made of synthetic materials, it is recommended that you test a small area of your garment prior to production in order to ensure material can withstand the temperature outlined above. If scorching occurs, it may be necessary to reduce the temperature and increase the dwell time. If pressing onto garments that have been decorated with other methods such as screen printing, please ensure that the stones and studs are not placed directly on the existing decoration as they may not adhere properly.


Do not dry clean  •  Turn garment inside out  •  Gentle wash / mild detergent  •  Hang dry